Art Gallery

Black Light Poster This retro artwork captured the look of a blacklight poster, especially when printed in 5 flourescent inks. Groovy, man.
Tractor Illustration Beautifully simple, this colorful tractor illustration was created for a VBS program t-shirt.
Sweet Sugar Semi Formal If this design reminds you of a board game about a candy-themed place...sweet!
South Pointe Builders Logo design for a local construction company, Southpointe Builders, Incorporated.
New Kids on the Block Proposed 4-color art for a retro-themed sorority event t-shirt. Does this give you an “eighties” flashback, or what?
Walk a Mile for Mabel A “painted” lettering effect was used to create a whimsical look for t-shirts to commemorate a benefit event for a very special young lady.
Canal Life This multi-color logo looked great when screen printed and embroidered, which is no small feat–and indicative of a solid logo.
Team Work A proposed design for company emphasizing the importance of teamwork. How fun is this?
Retro Electric This hand-lettered logo was created to convey the edgy spirit of classic rock for a band who likes to crank their amps up to 11.